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Students, Parents, and Teachers: Everyone needs a good book!

August means long hot summer days for many of us, but it also means school is right around the corner. While you don’t want to pile on the school work too early, there’s nothing wrong with getting a head start!

And for the teachers out there, it can’t hurt to explore some new textbooks, workbooks or Lulu Junior kits to help engage your students.

Most important of all, it is a perfect opportunity to help your kids learn just how amazing books are!

With school right around the corner, we have a selection of books today that are sure to excite your young reader or make a terrific in-class activity for a whole room full of eager learners.

Spelling Word Mastery


Give your child a head start on learning to spell and use common words with this interactive workbook. Starting simple and building to more complex sentences with fun games and activities, Spelling Word Mastery is the perfect starting place for your young learner.

Bootstrap Student Workbook


Bootstrap is the mathematical and algebraic take on game designing and this workbook is suited for students age 12-16. While the book is targeted to more middle and high school aged kids, it  is the perfect first step for the young and aspiring game designer.

The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success

The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success

Vanessa is a sure to inspire youth with plenty to say about public speaking. So if you child (or even you!) want to improve your public speaking skills, this is a sure fire book for you.

You Got Into Where?: How I Received Admission and Scholarships to the Nation’s Top Universities

You Got Into Where?: How I Received Admission and Scholarships to the Nation's Top Universities

Every parent wants their kids to graduate from high school and get into a great college where they can expand their learning and pursue a career they’ll love. Let Joi Wade help by sharing her experiences and tips about securing scholarships, making the tough college choices, and landing the acceptance letter they deserve.

Kiddie Algebra – Number and Word Decoding


This introductory workbook introduces Algebraic concepts with simple word puzzles. It’s sure to inspire your child to learn more without boring or stressing them. The perfect way to introduce math to a new learner!

Lulu Junior My Comic Book & Illustory Kits

Perfect for in class creative projects, these Lulu Junior kits include everything a child needs to create their very own book!

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