Mom Writes & Lulu Junior – Inspired Writing Advice for all Ages! [Giveaway]

You know what’s awesome? Sharing your passion with your children. If you love to write, there is nothing better than seeing the next generation catch the storytelling bug!

Inspire your children to start writing with Lulu Junior’s IlluStory and My Comic Book kits!

We partnered with the incredible Mom Writes Podcast, Powered by Author Accelerator for a Lulu Junior kit giveaway! Give a creative and unique gift to your son or daughter, or any child you know who has a story to tell!

Mom Writers Author Accelerator

The Mom Writes Podcast stars two writer-moms who chronicle their writing journey while dealing with ever-present youngsters underfoot. They provide realistic writing advice, coping skills, and tons of laughter!

Hear from host Abby Mathews what it’s like to create a book with Lulu Junior in the latest episode.

When kids are able to hold their own book in their hands, it not only puts a smile on their face, but it builds confidence in their writing ability knowing that they are a published author – just look at that face!

Lulu Jr - Mom Writes
Mom Writes Podcast host Abby Mathews’s daughter with her Lulu Junior book

Get ready to add some new additions to your home library and a enter for a chance to win a Lulu Junior kit! The giveaway ends on Friday, October 6th, so don’t wait!

And if you happen to miss the contest, you can always grab an award-winning Lulu Junior kit!

3 thoughts on “Mom Writes & Lulu Junior – Inspired Writing Advice for all Ages! [Giveaway]”

    1. Abby from The Mom Writes Podcast

      Don’t they turn out beautiful?! LOVE these kits and the confidence they give children with their writing!

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