Holiday Gift Guide - Graphic Novels

Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide: Graphic Novels

The holiday shopping intensifies!

Graphic Novels have long been an under-represented form of publishing and creativity. Partly due to niche markets and partly to the cost of creating high-quality, color books, Graphic Novel creators have long struggled to make their work readily available.

Self-publishing changes all that. We’re here today with a selection of some awesome graphic novels self-published and available on the Lulu bookstore.

Seen and Unseen

It’s a historical fiction set deep in the Panamanian rain forest. Follow Sam Hildebrand, an ichthyologist, during his harrowing adventure through mud and magic, as he tries to complete the 1911 Smithsonian Biological survey. *** rated PG-13 – animals kill people – indigenous nudity on female monkey-like forest creatures in one drawing – there is nothing sexual in this book at all. It’s like Treasure Island.

Seen and Unseen by Sarah Dahlinger

MISFILE – Book 1 – Created by Chris Hazelton

In one little corner of the universe, there’s nothing more irritating than a misfile…

Misfile #1 by Chris Hazelton

Sa-Bom Jim Volume 1

The collected print series of “Sa-Bom Jim.” Follow the exploits of Tae Kwon Do master Jim Parker as he and his students tackle various ninja clans, the recurring appearance of Grandmaster Bombosto, and all sorts of martial arts hijinks!

Sa-Bom Jim Volume 1

Pep Squad

The villainous ‘Evil Mind’ desires to conquer Chill Town (the coolest place on the planet) after being deemed “uncool” and “whack”. Exiled for his “ill” behavior, Evil Mind struggles to think of a plan to achieve his goal. However, a freakish accident has left him–incurably stupid. Eventually, he sends his ‘hooligans’ out to do his ‘dirty’ work–but there are four little heroes that are determined to protect their beloved city from Evil Mind’s whack-ness!

Pep Squad by Iran Jackson

Beard for Dummies

Everything you´ll ever need to know about BEARD as seen through the bizarre eyes of Swedish artist/cartoonist Janne Karlsson.

Beard For Dummies by Janne Karlsson

Vegan Sidekick Volume 4

Are your friends and family conflicted about whether they should stab animals in the neck constantly every day all the time constantly? Do they react to your non-violence as though you are some spilt hummus on the carpet and they don’t know what kind of stain you will leave? Have you had the same conversation 18 quintillion times this morning about how killing innocent victims is really a personal preference? Then maybe you could do with this book in your life. Alternatively, just go to one of Vegan Sidekick’s social media pages and read the comics for free lol no need to buy anything, what kind of advertising even is this

Vegan Sidekick Volume 4 by Richard Watts

Bagel Soup – Stirring the Pot

Bagel Soup comics (originally published at are an eclectic mix of social commentary, sight gags, horrible puns, and the occasional peek at genuine cleverness. With chapters ranging from Depressants, Religion, Relationshipping, Sex, and, aptly, Animals, Food, Fists, Balls, and Butts, this collection has something for everyone to laugh and be mildly offended over. It’s cute, cutting, groaning, clever, and consistently inconsistently. 

Bagel Soup: Stirring the Pot Volume One by David Koesters

If you’re more of a Magazine person, check these Zines. They’re all loaded with great content sure to please anyone on your holiday shopping list:

Self Care Zine: Food

This issue of the Self Care Zine is 56 pages of comics, illustrations, recipes, personal stories, tips, and resources all related to how we use food as self care.

Self Care Zine: Food by Rachelle Abellar

The Sublime Zine issue three

Sublime aesthetic magazine has one simple purpose, to inform freely and honestly the world of the wondrous culture and art born every minute.

The Sublime Zine Issue Three by The Sublime Zine

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