Holiday Gift Guide - Arts and Photography

Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide: Art & Photography

Continue with our Gift Guide series, we have today a selection of Art and Photography books from Lulu creators and artists.

These are some of the most incredible and thoughtfully created books you can find on Lulu. If you have an artist or photographer on your shopping list this year, you’ll find something amazing on this list to inspire them.

No need to go on about how amazing these books are, better to let them speak for themselves! Scroll on to see our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Art and Photo books.

First up, we have 4 selections of Photography bound and ready for sale:

Vekking by Vek Neal

VEKKING (Limited Edition)By Vek Neal

Vek Neal is a creative thought leader and professional contemporary photographer who expresses his art in the form of illustration, photography, video, and graphic design. VEKKING is the first publication highlighting his journey of portrait photography works from 2013 -2018.

The book also features testimonials from models and friends as well as exclusive behind the scene looks into his process and approach.

AfricaBy Simon Wild & Rebecca Johnson

A stunning photographic journey through Africa, depicting the people and places of Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Africa by Simon Wild & Rebecca Johnson

Abandoned Classics

Abandoned ClassicsBy

Across the United States there are countless vehicles sitting in forgotten fields, parking lots and on personal properties. This photography book captures a few of the relics that Laura Hatcher, the photographer has discovered along the way.

Finding Calcutta: Memoirs Of A PhotographerBy Marie Bissell Constantin

In her photographic memoir, Constantin leads others through her unique journey of exploring the possibility of becoming a nun herself as she traveled to capture Mother Teresa in rare, private moments.

In addition to powerful black-and-white images of Mother Teresa, Constantin shares personal stories that shine a light on the selfless life of nuns, from other religious orders, who live and work among the most abandoned people in the world.

Finding Calcutta: Memoirs of a Photographer by Marie Bissell Constantin

Next, we have 6 books of Art that are sure to wow and inspire.

Dictionary Daze (HAAS) by Peter Tunney

Dictionary Daze (HAAS)By Peter Tunney

Exhibition catalog of Dictionary Daze at the Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science by Peter Tunney

Colors Of The CityBy Aaron M. Maybin

Colors Of The City by Aaron Maybin
Artist, Writer, Author, Activist

Colors of the City by Aaron Maybin

El Sketchbook Lorenzo: Deluxe Collection 2005-2010 by Lorenzo Etherington

El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection: 2005 – 2010By Lorenzo Etherington

Join us, friends, as we crack open the bizarrely-formed skull of comic artist, LORENZO! and spread it’s unique mushy contents across 600 eye-popping pages!

EL SKETCHBOOK LORENZO DELUXE COLLECTION: 2005 – 2010 collects together the first 4 volumes of the El Sketchbook series, and adds a further 200 pages of new concepts, scribbles and design sheets. The book weighs in at a whooping 600 pages, and features thousands of separate illustrations, together with step-by-steps, tutorials and exclusives.

Big-Bellied MerbabesBy Rachelle Abellar

A body positive coloring book featuring a diverse group of mermaids.

Big-Bellied Merbabes: A Body Positive Coloring Book by Rachelle Abellar

Pretty: A book for the girls who are told they're not by Paige Hall

Pretty: A Book For The Girls Who Are Told They’re NotBy Paige Hall

‘Pretty: A Book for the Girls Who Are Told They’re Not’ is a small body-positive art book that I’ve created about something I’m very passionate about: wanting every lady on this planet to feel beautiful. It’s a colorful, 33-page paperback filled with my illustrations of all different types of women, as well as positive, inspirational quotes to make a combination that I hope will make at least someone feel as pretty as they really are!

Ralph Nagel: Being ThereBy Bruno David Gallery Publications

Published by the gallery for the exhibition “Ralph Nagel: Being There” at Bruno David Gallery. This exhibition catalog includes text by Michael Paglia, Cathy Wright, Dan Jacobs, Carmon Colangelo, Leslie Laskey, and afterword by Bruno L. David. (Softcover, 7 x 9 in., 85 pgs, color, October 2018)

Ralph Nagel: Being There

Of course, our Bookstore is loaded with more books of handmade art, photography, and other kinds of graphic design. Just have a look in our Bookstore for more options:

Arts & Photography in the Lulu Bookstore

Check out our full Holiday Gift Guide for even more inspiration.

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