8 Books to Get Caught Reading In 2020 With Lulu Junior

Get Caught Reading is an amazing organization that aims to encourage everyone, everywhere to read more. Leaning on research that has for many years suggested that reading as a child stimulates our brains and helps us get ahead in our education, Get Caught Reading takes a unique approach to encourage reading.

What they do is ask celebrities from athletes to lawmakers and more to snap a picture of themselves reading. Those pictures go up on Get Caught Reading’s website for everyone to see. They also provide resources for parents and educators to encourage reading and offer poster-sized prints of celebrity readers.

In the spirit of support Get Caught Reading, we bring you our annual list of amazing books to get caught reading this spring!

Lulu Junior’s Get Caught Reading List

I Am Her: The ABC’s of Black Women in History.

“I Am Her: The ABC’s of Black Women in History,” is a book, that was creatively written, so that children can learn about black women pioneers in history. It is important that children gain as much knowledge about historical figures. The idea is that youth will be inspired by people who have broken many barriers to succeed in different careers. This book highlights women from the past and present, who have helped shape society by beating the odds.

I Am Her: The ABC's of Black Women in History.

Perceptive PJ and the Making of a Mathlete – Easy Reader Edition

This is part two of a series of books about the Maker Family. The STE(A)M inspired theme for this book is Math. Perceptive PJ, an 8 year old boy that is inspired by his family history of being world class athletic competitors and winners. Perceptive PJ interviews each of his family members and comes up with a winning formula but his intention is to apply it to being a Mathlete (Math-Athlete) and to be a participant in the Math Olympic Competition. His journey will expose young readers to traditional and some very non-traditional sports so that young people will keep an open mind to all types of competition. The similarities of the Maker Family and my real life childhood experience and upbringing aren’t an accident. Growing up we had a strong sense of our family legacy of defying limitations, stereotypes and even other people of color who had limited expectations of who we should be and what we are capable of achieving. Read All About it! Remember Readers Make Leaders.

Perceptive PJ and the Making of a Mathlete - Easy Reader Edition

Positive Me!: A Kids’ Guide to Self-compassion

Would you like to give the ultimate gift to a child? Can you think of a child that is incapable of speaking kindly to themselves? Positive Me! helps establish positive self-talk through repeating simple and effective sentences on colorful, inclusive and engaging illustrated pages. Positive Me! can immediately redirect kids’ negative thinking by completing for them, in positive terms, sentences that begin with “I am.” When combined with positive, self-affirming words, “I am” can be two of the most powerful words in a child’s vocabulary, words that can have a major developmental impact on a child’s life. Positive Me! is original, simple, and effective. This book encourages adults to read to kids; kids can then read and practice the sentences to themselves. Although this book targets elementary school-age children, the content is universal enough to appeal to and inspire children of any age!

Positive Me!: A Kids' Guide to Self-compassion

3 Princesses

An African American father of 3 internationally adopted daughters tells his girls their adoptions stories but as a fairytale filled with knights and dragons. This story of how a multicultural family came to be is heartwarming and enjoyable for the whole family.

3 Princesses

Look What I Can Be

Join eSTeEM Girl on a journey to STEM world to explore fun careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. She empower girls to study Math & Science. As she tries out STEM careers she gives them confidence that they can do it too! This book is stem-tastic, she teaches girls about new and unsuspecting careers that are indeed STEM. A 44 page full color interactive children’s stem book which includes a periodic table, stem experiment and activities.

Look What I Can Be

No, She Can’t

No, She Can’t is a book everyone must read to the important young girls in their life. Camille’s story will help any girl build confidence just by trying something and will teach her to never give up on whatever she sets her mind to. There is a little bit of Camille in every girl – she just may not know it yet!

No, She Can't

I’ll Always Love You No Matter What

Jaxon sees the world differently and loves to questions things that matter to him the most. Join Jaxon as he finds out what love means. This beautifully illustrated introduction to Autism celebrates the special characteristics of children on the spectrum.

I'll Always Love You No Matter What By Lynette Greenfield

Chelsea’s New Beginning

Life is new and exciting for this Golden Retriever puppy when she gets adopted by a new family. But things take a sad turn when the boy in her family rejects her, and the puppy’s new owners give her up at the animal shelter. She is well cared for by the staff, and she finds comfort from a new friend in her time of need. However, it’s not the same as having a place to belong. Will she have a new start in life when a man called Nathan walks into the shelter and notices her? Chelsea’s New Beginning is a picture book for children that shares an inspiring tale of a puppy who gets a second chance to belong in a warm and loving family.

Chelsea’s New Beginning

Create A Book!

If all that reading has your kids getting imaginative and excited, maybe it’s time to get them a Lulu Junior kit and create their very own book!

Create Something Amazing with Lulu Junior Kits

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