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Happy Coloring Book Day!

August 2nd is Coloring Book Day! And we know everyone loves to color!

We’re encouraging everyone to get into the spirit this year by setting aside a little (or a lot) of time to do some coloring!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the official website for Coloring Book Day! They’re hosting a giveaway and offering a free mini-coloring book you can download and print out to celebrate this year. 

Why We Love Coloring

There’s more to coloring than just filling in empty spaces. In fact, there’s ample proof that coloring calms the mind and helps us all destress. The world is a busy and often overwhelming place. We can all use a bit of calming, right?

Something about coloring in beautiful designs and making them our own is just so relaxing. It’s the perfect way to express a little creativity, even if you don’t feel terribly creative!

So this weekend, take a break and make time to color. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Lulu Junior Coloring Pages

As part of our first-ever Camp Lulu Junior, we created some amazing coloring pages inspired by our IlluStory and My Comic Book kits! If you’re looking for something new to color or if your book-loving campers have filled up all of their coloring books, these pages make a great activity! Download and print them out for free!

Coloring Books We Love

If you or your kids (or both of you!) finish off your coloring books this weekend, we’ve got you covered with hundreds (literally) of coloring books to choose from. Here’s some we really love.

A Moose With a Uke Coloring Book

A Moose With a Uke Coloring Book is the perfect companion to Aaron Risi’s, A Moose with a Uke. Join Monty and friends as they take a journey about music and friendship. Follow the bus, Adventure awaits in Harmony Grove! Grab your colored pencils, crayons and paint brush and bring each image to life with your personal style!

A Moose With a Uke Coloring Book

Nothing is Random about You

A coloring book for ALL ages! We are celebrating being different. Whether it be the clothes we wear, the color of our skin, or if we’re missing an arm or a leg, we all are beautiful! There is no “normal” or one type of beauty. If we look at everyone around us we can find something to celebrate no matter what it is!

Nothing Is Random About You

dog coloring books for kids

Show to your children the drawings of the cutest one relaxing on the soft pillow and they will be amazed with it. Show to your kids how to use paint buckets in order to embellish the drawings in the coolest way. They will make the best photos out of them. This dog breed is one of the cutest ones and you cannot wait to work on the sketch of it.

dog coloring books for kids

Coloring Books for 2 Year Olds (Snacks)

A colouring (coloring) book for toddlers with thick outlines for easy colouring (coloring). This book has extra-large pictures with thick lines to promote error-free colouring (coloring), to increase confidence, to reduce frustration, and to encourage longer periods of drawing. Perfect bound book means this book will not fall apart High-quality paper This book will assist with pen control and the development of fine motor muscles essential for writing

Coloring Books for 2 Year Olds (Snacks)


A MEGA-detailed coloring book with repeating patterns and clean lines, to please the sharpest eyes out there. Spend hours zoning out to this coloring book that’s sure to last you a while!


Book of Mandala

Coloring and creating art is a great way to pass time for kids and adults alike. Coloring is yoga for your mind and soul and it is my favorite method to pass time and relax from time to time. The pages from this printed book can be used to frame on your wall as a masterpiece or to give it to someone special as a gift. Perhaps, use it to pass your time during a boring class or meeting. You can use pencil colors, markers, and many more variations along with my personal favorite tools, Sakura Micron pens and Staedtler fineliners.

Book of Mandala

Get More Coloring Book Action

If you just can’t get enough coloring book action, check out our dedicated coloring book page:

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