Lulu Jr. book-making kits include everything a child needs to write and illustrate their own book. Parents then mail their child’s work to our printer using the postage paid envelope included in the kit. In a few weeks their child’s professionally printed and bound book arrives by mail. Children are delighted when they receive their very own book in the mail and parents have a timeless keepsake capturing their child’s imagination and creativity.

Focused on children and their education, Lulu Jr. book-making kits encourage creativity and nurture growth at home & school. Instead of focusing only on reading, Lulu Jr. encourages creative writing and requires active participation. Whether children are writing their own bedtime story, about their summer holiday, the adventures of their pet hamster, or about a recent lesson in history class, they will learn to organize and articulate their thoughts, resulting in better knowledge retention and learning.

Plus it is fun!

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