2018 Lulu Holiday Gift Guide: Calendars

Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide: Calendars

The holidays are fast approaching and with them comes a lot of holiday gift buying. If you’re anything like me, you like to give everyone on your list a book. Right?

Seriously, I’ve been giving books as gifts for years now and everyone in my family loves it. Or at least they say they love it.

The trick is finding the right book for each person on your shopping list. Luck for you, Lulu is back with our Holiday Gift Guide for 2018!

To start things off this year, we’ve got our favorite custom made calendars from the Lulu bookstore. All of the calendars are ready for 2019 and include some calendar makers we see year after year making the perfect gifts for holiday shoppers.

We’ll start off today with the winners of our 2018 Calendar contest:

Making Scents in 2019 by Robert Sharpe

Making Scents In 2019By Robert Sharpe

This beautiful 2019 calendar of flowers highlights the artistry of nature that is Bringing Inspiration To Earth. The images were captured by Robert Sharpe, Host of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth radio show. This calendar contains the traditional USA holidays and dozens of special ‘holidays’ such as Parents Day, Chinese New Year, Brothers & Sisters Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Cancer Survivors Day, Take a Walk In The Park Day, Full/New Moons, and many more.

Butterflies Of TexasBy Norman Rowsey

Original photography by Norman Rowsey, award winning Texas Photographer. Nature photographer based in Texas. Offering a unique perspective into the beauty that exists in all living things. Specializing in birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and everything beautiful in nature.

Butterflies of Texas by Norman Rowsey

Fox Calendar 2019 by Rhoda Gerig

Fox Calendar 2019By Rhoda Gerig

Finding a fox den that I can photograph in the spring is one of the most enjoyable things. Finding a fox den that is in great light is and incredible thing. I’ve followed this fox family two years ago and had the privilege again this year. They are incredibly tolerant of people because of a creek between the den and where I photograph.

A Year In MajordaBy Adam Regan

Shooting within a 30 minute walk from the front door of a studio I rented for a couple of years in Majorda, Goa..

A Year in Majorda by Adam Regan

Next up we have some office favorites. Yes, we’re animal lovers here at Lulu. But what better way to stay on track in 2019 than with some cute doggos?

Pug Art Calendar 2019By Melissa Langer

12 whimsical Pug paintings by Melissa Langer are featured in this 2019 calendar to be enjoyed all year long. Images are suitable for framing. Melissa Langer’s passion is painting pugs and other dog breeds. All of her art can be viewed and purchased on her website:

Pug Art Calendar 2019 by Melissa Langer

Pitbull Flower Power 2019 by Sohpie Gamand

Flower Power Calendar 2019 – Puppy EditionBy Sophie Gamand

Pit Bull Flower Power is a campaign aimed at rebranding shelter pit bulls and helping dogs get into homes. The project started in 2014 and rapidly gained international attention and a growing fan-base. About 400 pit bulls have been adopted, often thanks to the portraits.

This year’s calendar features dogs who have been adopted.You can find more stories in the Pit Bull Flower Power coffee table book, available via

Reuben The BulldogBy Mike Melnotte

A collection of images of Reuben the Bulldog from puppyhood through today. All profits will be donated to the Humane Society of New Hanover County.

Reuben the Bulldog by Mike Melnotte

Our Beautiful Pacific Northwest 2019 by Ian McRae

Our Beautiful Pacific Northwest – 2019 CalendarBy Ian McRae

Some of my favorite images from recent adventures around the Pacific Northwest are displayed in this 2019 Calendar.

Postlandia Calendar 2019By Evan Kalish

The third annual Postlandia calendar highlights another dozen of America’s amazing post offices and places. From the smallest towns to the biggest cities, we take you on another 12-state tour featuring more of America’s wonderful postal gems.

Postlandia 2019 by Evan Kalish

If these 10 aren’t enough for you, we’ve got over 4,000 2019 calendars on the bookstore right now:

Lulu Calendars in the Bookstore

Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon with the next edition of the Holiday Gift Guide featuring even more amazing Lulu books for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Check out our full Holiday Gift Guide for even more inspiration.

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